Santa Maria in Montesanto

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Right side chapels

Chapel of St Anne
DSC6693 DSC6723 69836209 DSC6694 DSC6700
DSC6701 DSC6698 DSC6699 DSC6702 DSC6703

Chapel of the Souls in Purgatory
DSC6704 DSC6724 DSC6705 DSC6709 DSC6721 DSC6715
DSC6716 DSC6711 DSC6713 DSC6717 DSC6718 DSC6719

Chapel of the Crucifix
DSC6726 DSC6725 DSC6738 DSC6731 DSC6733 86439764
49375853 DSC6745 DSC6735 DSC6739 DSC6740 DSC6744

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